Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blog Manifesto aka Hello, World!

Hey, everyone. This blog will be dedicated to looking at free agent signings, trades, and other roster moves throughout the National Hockey League, with an eye towards how they look 'on paper' (hence the name). I decided to start this up because while I love discussing the NHL, I don't really have a proper forum to post my thoughts on the rest of the league without coming across as the self-important blowhard I truly am. I am interested in sabermetric analysis, especially the work that's been done so far in baseball, and hope to transfer the same spirit to hockey. I feel that of the four major sports, the mathematical analysis done on the NHL, both in front offices and on the Internet, is well behind the other three. This leaves room for me to actually sound smart or educated. However, I am certainly no statistician, so this blog will crib some numbers from and as well as whatever else I can get my hands on.

Projects I Will Work On in the Coming Months:

June will be devoted to looking at the 30 NHL teams, their salary cap situation, and their outlook for the coming season. I hope to get in all 30 - I may fall short of that goal. If that happens, sorry non-playoff teams, but I will begin skipping you. I might just end up skipping the Phoenix Coyotes because if they hadn't gone broke NHL fans would've forgotten they existed.

July through the beginning of the season will be devoted to 100 UFA and RFA signings that will occur over the summer. I plan to post an in-depth look at one signing a day from July 1 until the beginning of the season (and not that fake beginning with teams playing in Europe).

During the season, I hope to just be posting about random things around the NHL that catch my fancy. Part of my goal with this blog is also to become a better writer - I'll be trying to get these ideas out there and explain my view without being too pedantic or too snarky. Trying to keep a balance of numbers, jargon, and Big Lebowski references will be difficult.

I'm not very technical, so the rest of May will be devoted to trying to figure out how to properly format things. Hope everyone enjoys reading.

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