Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trades That Should Happen

Things have been slow around the NHL - we've wanted to do a best signings list/worst signings, but there's still too many players available to do anything like that. Training camp opens in fifteen days, so we imagine those players will ink sometime, but days continue going by without much action.

We do, however, sense there are some teams with some excess players at one position and deficiencies at another.

Here's a little list:

Vancouver: How Many Forwards Do You Need?

Vancouver currently has 16 forwards that could make the big squad. We suspect that if Michal Grabner or Sergei Shirokov impress in camp that some of them could be headed elsewhere. Vancouver is also in need of a defenseman, although it's been reported that they are interested in Mathieu Schneider - Schneider arrived in the NHL before Rob Schneider arrived on SNL. Hint: That means he's old.

New Jersey's Defense Surplus

The Devils currently have 9 players on their roster who played in 20 or more NHL games next season. While dispatching one is far from necessary - at least two should make it through waivers - it certainly couldn't hurt for a team that looks devoid of depth at center.

Duck Pate

The Anaheim Ducks currently have 13 forwards on one-way contracts, and one on a two-way deal (Bobby Ryan) who won't be going to the minors any time soon - certainly just the right amount with which to run an NHL team. However, if anyone from their minor league system impresses, that's one player that can be shuffled off. The Ducks still have some backline depth issues, although most of their young players are defensemen.

Logjam On The St. Lawrence

Montreal only has 7 D under contract for this season, but the promising Yanick Weber is in Hamilton awaiting his NHL opportunity. If any one of the 7 falters, Montreal may look to dispose of him to bring up Weber. Ryan O'Byrne and Josh Gorges should probably rent, not buy.


  1. I'm not to sure about the devils being likely to trade a defensemen. Martin and Oduya cannot be traded. White (NTC) and Sal have pretty bad contracts, maybe someone takes Sal to make the floor, I don't see it happening. Mottau, as much as I don't like him has a very good contract for a backpairing defensemen. I think he has more value for us than any team thats going to make a trade for him, in short, nobody is going to over pay to get him.

    And that leaves the fab 4. Greene got a 1 way contract and has some offensive skills from the blueline that we lack, almost a lock for 6/7 duty. Maybe a team spots the potential in him and gives us a fair deal. Murphy is going to get a shot, Davison is minors material, and I'd like to see Corrente crack the lineup this year with 50-60 games or so. It's been a while since we've had a prospect on the blueline have an impact.

  2. i keep meaning to reply to this and then i forget -

    if there's a deal made for a center, i'm pretty sure greene goes in that deal. the devils certainly have a surplus but they don't have to get rid of anyone. corrente's probably not cracking the lineup; someone in management thinks he's not ready.

  3. Is that what you think about Corrente or do have some kind of 'insider'? I feel Corrente should make the team this year, because of next year. Call me crazy, but other than Martin and Oduya, I wouldn't mind Corrente taking anyone else's spot. White, Sal, Mottau = dead weight, on the decline, won't be around much longer (with any luck). I've come to a realization that we aren't going to win a cup this year (or next if we don't get some quality D)

    Out with the old, in with the new. I don't give a poo if it doesn't work out because the devils have to start building for the playoffs instead of the regular season. I doubt we're gonna see a "Most wins in regular season history" banner up at the rock in october.

  4. no 'insider' information, but i definitely listened to what people in Lowell were saying about the Devils. I'd be utterly amazed if Matt Corrente were even close to the level of Colin White or Bryce Salvador at this point, so I will call you crazy. Just because a player is young or new does not make him good. Corrente had 33 minor penalties last season in 67 games - that's not a good sign. I've certainly been surprised before, but I'd be shocked if Corrente made the team out of camp.